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Bargain Lover!

I am a true bargain lover.  I can’t hardly pass up a good deal, especially if its on the clearance rack!  I love getting my kids clothes this way.  They seem to go through them really fast.  Sometimes though,  there … Continue reading

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Sneak peak

I haven’t had much time for sewing this week, but here is a little sneak peek of my current little project:).   I love doing applique.  Here are a couple of cute little flowers in my  project.  I just have to … Continue reading

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Newspaper bag!

What’s black and white and ‘red’ all over???  This newspaper bag!!!!!  This is something a little quirky and unique.  I found this awesome fabric at my local quilt shop.  I absolutely love unique fabric like this♥  I have 2 of … Continue reading

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……As Promised…..

So, here is my second shot at the whole clothes making deal.  It is still a challenge working with something different than cotton.  I am learning as I go, though:)  I think it looks alright but I still need lots … Continue reading

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My family and I have started doing taekwondo together.  Between work schedules and school, we don’t get much family time.  We figured this would be a great way to spend a couple evenings a week together:)  You are supposed to … Continue reading

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Lessons Maybe?

Hello again everyone:)  So, I’ve been thinking, about offering beginners sewing lessons.  Possibly online or in home if your in the area.  This will also give me something to do to fill up my free time at home, as I … Continue reading

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Midnight Ideas

Ever come up with really good ideas in the middle of the night?  That’s me right now!  Can’t sleep until it’s been written down.  An idea or two for a new custom design that hopefully others will like as well:) … Continue reading

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A Little Braver

Well, now that my initial try at making clothes turned out good, I’m going to try something with a few more pieces.  I’m going to try a tank top this time.  Nothing big, but baby steps are good for me. … Continue reading

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