Lessons Maybe?

Hello again everyone:)  So, I’ve been thinking, about offering beginners sewing lessons.  Possibly online or in home if your in the area.  This will also give me something to do to fill up my free time at home, as I don’t work outside the home alot.

I am going to start occasionally posting a tip, or a helpful piece of information on here to do with sewing.  Some very basic,  and others that have made my life a little simpler.  I will always try to include a picture of what I will be talking about to make it even easier to understand:)

So here will be my first piece of info–The picture at the bottom, is demonstrating a seam allowance.  This  is the space between the seam (white stitches) and the raw edge of your fabric.  You can find seam allowances on item of clothes you have.  Some are alot smaller than others.  This is also the area where a tailor will look at when piece of clothing needs to be made larger or smaller.  This is done simply by making another seam on either side of the existing seam line.  The original seam is usually then removed.

I hope to have my second clothing item done by this weekend to post a picture of.  It’s all cut out.  Now just have to put it together:)

Feel free to leave any comments or helpful tips of your own:)

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4 Responses to Lessons Maybe?

  1. Joy says:

    Fantastic ideas! Keep me posted and I’ll let people I know. . .know!

  2. Laura says:

    I want to take a crochet or knitting lesson! I need a hobby SO badly it’s ridiculous.

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