My family and I have started doing taekwondo together.  Between work schedules and school, we don’t get much family time.  We figured this would be a great way to spend a couple evenings a week together:)  You are supposed to learn many things from it such as respect, flexibility, coordination, disipline, ect.  What I’m learning is that my sons are waaaayyyyy more flexible than I am.  They are also catching on alot faster than I am!  HAHA!  It’s starting to come together though.  It’s great watching all the little kids at the group sessions doing all these kicks and blocks.  It will be fun to look back in a couple years to see how far we’ve come……wish we would have video taped the first lesson we took;)

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One Response to Taekwondo!

  1. Laura says:

    That’s a really good idea!!

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