Bargain Lover!


I am a true bargain lover.  I can’t hardly pass up a good deal, especially if its on the clearance rack!  I love getting my kids clothes this way.  They seem to go through them really fast.  Sometimes though,  there are the things that you ‘need’ but not really.  Sometimes I end up spending more than I intended.  I try to keep it in check, but sometimes it doesn’t always work;)  Are you a bargain shopper?  If you are a clearance rack/bargain shopper, let me know what kinds of things you look for on the bargain or clearance rack!

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2 Responses to Bargain Lover!

  1. Laura says:

    Oh I’m the same way with deals… even if I don’t always need it, I sometimes just have to buy it. I love good deals on clothes that I wouldn’t normally buy, but sometimes they end up being the biggest treasures 🙂

  2. I hear ya sista! Especially Target clearance:)

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