More Stripes!







OK, still practicing with simple clothing items.  I did another simple top….just to get used to working with knits (which I’m learning very fast, that they are a pain in the butt!).  I chose Butterick pattern B5327.  The only thing that gave me trouble was the last step when gathering up the front to give it the ruffled look.   Every time I put the final seam line in to hold the gathered edge, it kept smoothing out:(  Not sure why it did that…..maybe knits don’t gather quite as well?  Maybe you can answer that one for me:)  Needless to say, that part took the longest out of the entire garment.  Pretty sad considering there were only 2 pieces!  HAHA!  Chalk it up to a learning experience.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  It fits perfect!!  It lays right where I want it to in the front and is the perfect length.  

Sewing tip–always make sure you have enough extra material when using stripes, plaids or other fabrics where you have to match up patterns.  This can save you a trip back to the store for more of the same fabric or having part of whatever it is that your making not match up with the rest:)


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One Response to More Stripes!

  1. Robin says:

    goodness that is a cute stripe and I love it in that style!
    You will be comfortable with knits in no time. Looking good!

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