So, this weekend, my husband and I did a benefit walk.  After we were done, we decided to check out some of the little shops in the area.  We went to one called Lark Toys.  There are all sorts of old fashioned toys as well as new modern ones.  There is also a book section.  Somehow my hubby and I always end up in the same spot in a store.  The book section!  Same as the toys, they also carry oldies:)  As we were walking though the isles of books, one in particular caught my eye.  I found ‘Little Toot’! I hadn’t seen this book in years! This was  a book I used to check out  every time I went to the elementary school library.  I  would always make  somebody read it to me:)  I probably checked it out even after I was probably too old for it.  Anyway, I couldn’t resist.  I bought a copy to bring home! Hopefully my youngest son atleast will enjoy it for awhile:)  Have you ever come across anything from your childhood that you’ve picked up and brought home?  I’d love to hear about it!

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