Simple Black Shrug Finished!



I finished it just in time for an outdoor wedding this weekend!  Since it reached 100° here just a couple of days ago, mother nature is sending some cooler temps.  Since I’m always cold, this should be perfect.  So glad I mistakenly picked up a larger sized pattern!  The pattern I picked up started at a size 12……I normally wear an 8.  Maybe it’s just the way it’s meant to fit….dunno.  Anyway, it fits perfectly!  I will try to remember to post a picture of the real model (haha) in it later this weekend:)
I purchased this knit fabric on clearance, so my total cost for this is right around $3.00.  I love cheap clothes!  Not to mention, as a sewer, you can reinforce the seams however you want to make it durable.  Hope you all have a great weekend;

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2 Responses to Simple Black Shrug Finished!

  1. June says:

    Your shrug turned out great. I would never have given this pattern a second look, except that i just found your blog and saw this post while looking around. You should post a review of it on . Everyone else that has reviewed this pattern there has done the top or or the jumper, no one reviewed the shrug.
    Now that I have seen yours, I think I will pick this pattern up myself.

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