U.S. Navy Diaper Bag

So, this is the project I mentioned in my last post.  A friend had asked me to take a set of her husbands Navy fatigues and make them into a diaper bag.  I was able to move the already existing pockets to where I needed them to be.  There was a lot of seam ripping to get the fatigues apart, so I could make the necessary pieces for the diaper bag (the U.S. Navy puts their clothes together very well…..).  The following picture is where I began…..I took his name, and branch tags and put them on the front.  Then I took a couple of the pockets and placed them underneath the tags….taking care to keep the tags on the same sides as the original garment.





Then I made a large pocket for the back, and also using another name tag, centered it on the pocket.


She also requested an adjustable strap……….I used the draw strings from the bottom of his pants to make little bows….just to ‘girl’ it up a bit:)


Here is what the final product looked like.  Hope you enjoyed seeing this as much as I did making it:)  I would also like to congratulate my friend and her husband  on the arrival of baby Bruns’ in a couple months! Thank you for letting me make this for you!

Most of all thanks to all the U.S.  Service men/women serving our country and the sacrifices you make!




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2 Responses to U.S. Navy Diaper Bag

  1. Laura says:

    Sarah!! That’s so cool!! If I have a baby sometime, I’ll give you some of Jason’s old uniforms. That has to be the coolest diaper bag I’ve ever seen.

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