My ‘New Month’ Resolution

Let’s face it……most of us make New Year’s resolutions.  How many of us actually keep them?  Hmmmmm…..NOT ME.  So, I’m shooting for a month, and already it’s killing me!  I have a serious growing addiction to fabric!!  Well, like most other sewers, crafters, knitters, crocheters, you NEVER HAVE ENOUGH STASH.  I’m trying to be good this month and use just what I have in my stash……Let’s see if I can get through this tote first!

Yes (you can puke now)…..I know it’s disgustingly organized.  I went through this first tote and figured out what all I have and what can be paired up with what.  I’ve got a couple of little projects started from this stash…..

Doing good til I walked into my fav little quilt shop and saw that they had some of my favorite line of fabric in the SALE shelves!!!  Darn it…..I didn’t buy any ……..yet;)  I exercised some will power….YAY ME!

For those of you that remember my assistant model Matilda, well….

She received her head recently:)  

With a lot going on, coming off the holiday buzz, life in general, I think we all need a little corner to call our own…’s my little piece of heaven…..complete with sand!  My family and I recently took a Disney cruise.  BEST vacation EVER!  Disney definitely takes care of it’s vacationers!

Being the excellent writer that I am (not), I’m  not good at moving from one subject the next very smoothly other than hitting the ‘Enter’ key and starting a new sentence……but thanks for reading and tell me what your ‘New Month’s’ Resolutions are:)  Be sure to check out my Etsy shop SarahsFabCreations  and use coupon code SARAHSDEAL10 at checkout for 10% off any item in my shop.  I’ve also lowered a lot of the shipping charges  ( I hate paying a lot for shipping!)

Have a great weekend!!!!




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