My Rant For The Month……LOL! (Gag Me)

So, I’m extra grouchy today.  Things just aren’t going my way this week…….whether it be PMS (God help my husband….the poor man), business issues, or whatever, it’s all driving me nuts!

But the one thing that flipped me over the edge is the over use of   ‘LOL’.  Just reading my facebook news feed I swear that’s all people know how to write, lol.  After every sentence they feel the need to insert ‘lol’.  Seriously!  It makes no sense……I usually feel like copying my son when I read  the newsfeed:)

I walked the dog today, lol.  (I’d be LOLing if he pooped on your foot)

Took my kids to the park today, lolol!  (was there a clown there?)

Made spaghetti with meatballs….OMG LOLOLOL! (did the noodles spell out something funny when you put them on your plate?)

Had a great day at work…..LOLOLOLOL!  (was the punch clock telling you jokes?)

Well, looks like we’re gonna have to get a new car. LOLOLOLOLOL!  (I’d be crying)

Do you really ‘laugh out loud’ after EVERYTHING you say?Hmmmmmm.  Just a thought.


I know this post probably has bored you to death, but hey YOU clicked the link or read your email! LOL! So, there, my friends is my rant for the month:)

…..Anyone else out there feel the same way? TaTa for now:)

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4 Responses to My Rant For The Month……LOL! (Gag Me)

  1. peregrine says:

    I absolutely LOVE this post, it is so right on. I feel like people must have a nervous laughter problem with all the LOLing they do.

  2. Sarah Ellringer says:

    I am going to risk annoying you further by saying that LOL is better than LMFAO. I have many FB pet peeves…

  3. Andrea says:

    Ooops, I’m one of those Lol people. Eeek

  4. Sumanasa says:


    Happy to say I don’t use lol never heve

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