Monthly Rant For March (If you don’t like bathroom talk, don’t read)

Ok, so my serious post is done… we can get onto the fun one.  Last month when I did my ‘rant’ post, I got such fun responses to it.  So, I figured I’d do it again:)  Let’s face it, we all have ‘those’ things that annoy the heck out of us!

This month is bathroom self-portrait  pictures.  I know most of you have probably seen them.  For those of you who haven’t…..don’t feel jipped!  I know lots of us work hard to keep our bodies in prime shape and looking good.  We all like to show off the pregnant belly (which I love to see btw)  or those bikini bods, that cute new outfit, or whatever.

I know for most of us, the bathroom is the only place with a mirror big enough to do the self-portrait.  But seriously, when there’s a toilet in the backround, that’s not attractive……especially if it’s not a clean toilet or if it’s obvious you forgot to flush.  Eewww!  But, that’s not what really grosses me out the most.  What gets me is when the toilet’s not flushed and there’s no Charmin to cover the log.   Not only did you just tell us that yes, you look good in that outfit, but I don’t wipe!!!!  DOUBLE GROSS!  I really hope you washed your hands on the way out the door.

Maybe you also left your dirty clothes on the ground.  We are guilty of this at my house quite often.  But if I were to photograph a room, I would make sure ‘unmetionables’, piles of dirty clothes, towels, ect were picked up and put in the appropriate place. If you insist on taking a pic of yourself in the bathroom, maybe take care of that cluttered countertop. clean up that toilet, put the lid down, or put that darn box of SUPER PLUS VALUE PACK of tampons away, just saying………

I figured since I’ve seen a lot of other people’s toilets floating around the web, I’d share mine……..  FYI, there is nothing but CLEAN water under that lid, and yes we do use Charmin toilet paper at our house:)

I may have to make this a monthly post subject!  What are some of your personal pet peeves, what flips you over the edge?  I want to know!

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