PDF Patterns and Tutorials

Hey everyone!

I know, it’s been awhile!  I’m so not good at getting on here everyday:/  But I have a few new things coming up!

I’ve recently started putting PDF (personal desk format) sewing and crochet patterns here in my Etsy shop.  They have been extremely popular.  Here are a couple that I have put up:

The Fabric Diaper Caddy.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be just for babies.  These can be used around the house and have many different purposes.  Not only can they hold diapers, but you can store toys, dirty but dry clothes, books, DVDs, ect. in them.  They are easy to clean.  Just pop them in the washer on a gentle cycle and then let them air dry.  I also sell the actual baskets but I currently only have 1 in stock as they fly off the shelves:) Getting more made soon though.

Next, is the Padded Kindle / Nook Cover Pattern.  I use mine all the time.  Protects your ereader from minor bumps, and scratches.  I also sell the actual covers here.

Here are a couple reviews from customers that have bought the actual covers:

Love love love this case! I get so many compliments on it. Item came very quickly!
My Kindle Fire fits in this perfectly!! I love it!!! It is made wonderfully and is of great quality, thanks so much!!!!
Perfect! Thank you so much for the fast delivery!

Next up is the Crocheted Infant Flower Beanie PDF.  This little hat is perfect for the special newborn or can be used as  photo prop also.

I also have patterns for  a wristlet clutch, ipad cover, ect.  If you are a crafter, be sure to stop by and check them out:)

What kinds of patterns would you like to see added?  I’m always up for a challenge!!

I’ve noticed, since I’ve started this blog, I’ve never made a tutorial.  Well, time to remedy that!  Next week, I will put up a tutorial on how to sew a zipper onto a bag.  This is something I used to be so intimidated by.  I’ve done a lot of practicing and I think I’ve got it…….so stay tuned:)

I’m also looking into learning attaching snaps (not the magnetic kind) to my various projects.  Just have to wait til I get another 50% coupon for JoAnn’s and then I can buy the snap setter.

What other kinds of tutorials would you like to see?

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