Zipper Tutorial

Hey everyone:)

Here’s that zipper tutorial I promised:)  Hope this is helpful:)  The full pattern for the wristlet clutch can be purchased from my Etsy shop here.  The actual clutch itself can be purchased here🙂


1.)  Place interfacing on WRONG side of exterior fabric.

2.)  Lay 1 lining panel RIGHT side up, place zipper RIGHT side up along top edge of lining.


Next, lay 1 exterior/interfacing panel RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top of zipper, making sure top edges of lining, zipper & exterior match.  Pin together to secure in place.


3.)  Using a zipper foot, stitch close to the zipper, but leave just a little space so the zipper will not catch on the fabric when opening and closing.


4.)  Now, fold the lining and bag front panels away from the zipper & top stitch along the edge. (this stitching will show, so if you want to use a coordinating/contrasting thread, now is the time to switch).  I chose red for this one to match the zipper.  I also pin down the layers to make for a more uniform look when done stitching.  It also prevents slipping of the layers during this step.




This top stitching will give your clutch a more professional & finished look.

5.)  Repeat steps 1-5 for the other side of the zipper.


After you have attached the other side of the zipper, test the zipper to be sure it doesn’t catch on any fabric during opening and closing.  You have now completed the hardest part of this pattern!!  YAY!

What other kinds of tutorials would you find helpful?

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