Anybody Home?

Well, I’m sure not very good at keeping up with my blog:P I really am here! I’ve been incredibly busy with custom orders!  Loving it though, but ready for a break.  Just one order completed recently (ok, just yesterday) were these fabric baskets.  They will soon be mailed off and given as Mother’s Day gifts.

Last week my boy’s were helping me go through my craft totes and they found some wallets that I had made ages ago…….I listed them in my shop and all but 1 of the originals have sold:)  So, I decided to make a couple more.  Here’s my person fav!  It can be found here in my shop🙂

My latest project is a fairly large order I received from a guy in New York who is going to start a men’s accessory line.  I have no idea how he found my shop, but he asked me to make a few items for a test run:)  Pretty excited about that.  We will see how it turns out:)

Anyway, figured this should about catch you up until next time:)

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5 Responses to Anybody Home?

  1. Dora says:

    Just remember the little people when you get all big and famous lady! love your stuff and creativity 😉

  2. divinemslulu says:

    I love your new wallet you shared! Congrats on the big order to NY!

  3. Best of luck with the NY order! So exciting!

  4. Your fabric baskets are beautiful! Love your blog, am following you now:) Michelle

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