Yup, I Pinky Swore.

What the heck was I thinking!  I had a moment of weakness when I pinky swore with my kids that I wouldn’t take down anymore birds nests.   What???!?!!  I know that sounds weird, but I have just cause.  Every spring, a bird family will move in on top of our porch light.  Fun for the kids to watch the whole process of nest making, egg laying and finally egg hatching.  BUT, a huge bird poopy mess for me to clean up.

Well, last year they caught me ripping the nest down.  They were so up set with me!  I wasn’t completely heartless though……..I did it BEFORE the eggs were laid.  Well, long story short, they made me pinky swear not to take down another nest.  Because, after all, were in the heck would they lay their eggs?  Hmmmmmm, HOW ABOUT THE NEIGHBOR’S TREE??? Oh well.  Here is a pic of the newest addition to our household:)

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One Response to Yup, I Pinky Swore.

  1. O’ That just made me laugh:) Bird poop not good:(…..But nest w/ egg pic Good:)

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