Birdie Karma

Well, apparently the word is out that Mrs. Yetter isn’t allowed to take down bird nests ( I curse you Pinky Swear).  For those of you that missed my post a couple days ago, my boys made me swear to not take down the annual birds nest in our porch light.  ( Heaven forbid they go live in the neighbor’s tree!)  Well, the birds must have figured our house is now the safe haven for nests.  YUK!  I’ll let it go this year, but I have in formed the kids that no more than ONE nest next spring is allowed.

So far, no eggs, but I will be sure to keep you informed:)

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One Response to Birdie Karma

  1. One year a Robin built a nest under our awning…she laid eggs, they hatched, the babies chirped. Well sadly one of the babies fell out and didn’t make it….the mother Robin thought our doggie was responsible though. She dived bombed poor Peanut all summer long! The poor dog had to do her business under the picnic table all season! So if the eggs are laid, keep the kids away:) look forward to hearing the next episode!

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