Old Lady Meet’in

Ok, so I’m not afraid to admit it!  I went and hung out with people 10 times my age for a day……well maybe not quite that bad:)  Many of you who read my blog have seen me mention my favorite little Quilt / Fabric Shop Pine Needles.  Well, they opened a new shop in Rochester Minnesota and had a lot of festivities for the opening.  One of them was a day long event with speaker Kaye England.  Usually, the idea of going and hanging out with people this much older than me and talking about quilting, would be like putting me in the sleeper hold.  Well, I kept hearing about how funny Kaye was and the event cost me less that $10, so  I had to go find out for myself (simply because I just can’t take your word for it, I have to find out for myself)…….also got to have lunch with my Mom, so that made it all worth it:) Well, I took my seat in the waaaayyyyy back corner in the back row.  I pulled out my caffeinated beverage and settled in.

Boy, was I in for a surprise!  I honestly haven’t been that entertained in a loooong time!  This lady is seriously one of the funniest people I’ve met!  I may have accidentally had pop running out my nose!  She travels all over the world talking about her quilting whatever’s and believe me, it was not in the least bit dull.  Wished I had it on video for you all!  Among her hilarious stories, I actually learned quite a bit.  I learned that you don’t have to be skinny to be vegetarian……..that’s a whole different story that has to be told in person to have it’s desired effect!

This is why I loved this lady!  I didn’t have to sit and listen to ‘quilt talk’ for 7 hours!  I wish  preachers had her pizazz….I might go to church more often:)

I did actually learn some real  helpful info that I can apply to what I do with my little sewing hobby/business.  I can go into some of that in another post:)

Now, Pine Needles never fails with free goodies at their special events!  Heck, isn’t that why some of us go?   Nope, not me….hmmmm, hmmm, hmmm.  Ok. Yes that’s part of it!

Here’s a picture of some of the loot they sent us all home with…….not to mention the giant reusable bag this stuff came in.  Of course, most of us loaded the bag with more stuff to take home with us.  Haha!

If you are in the Rochester area and like to sew, quilt, or whatever, check out their shop!  Just click the link up in the first paragraph.  The owners and the staff that work there, are the best!  They know what they’re doing, and are very helpful!  Check it out!!!

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4 Responses to Old Lady Meet’in

  1. browneyedlaura says:

    Lady you should have told me you were going there! I was at TJ Maxx at lunch- right next door- and I go tanning right across the parking lot 🙂 I saw them put the sign up for Pine Needles and I thought it was the store you loved! One of these days I’ll go with you over there. You went with me to the bead store, I wanna check out your store!

  2. browneyedlaura says:

    Dang- I just wrote out a whole comment and it vanshed! Maybe I’ll have two now 😉 I wish I would have known you were there! I was at TJ Maxx at lunch right next door, and I go tanning right across the parking lot from your store! I watched them put the sign up and I thought it was the one you liked! I will have to check it out with you sometime- it sounds fun! Even if I can’t sew, I’d love to walk around and check out the goods! We need to hang out soon!

  3. Sounds like you had a really good time….Oldies but Goodies:)

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