New Life

Yes, back to the bird’s nests.  The kids have been having a blast watching the process of the birds building a nest, laying eggs and watching them hatch……except the main event happened while they were in school:(  I was a good Mommy and took pictures for them.

Looking closely, you can see cracks in a couple of the other eggs as well.

Almost there……..


I guess all animal species (including humans) are the same.  Starving to death the minute they are born:)  We now have 4 fluffy little babies on our font ledge.  My son’s check on them everyday to make sure Mamma Robin is doing her job!  I did notice she was very prompt getting the excess egg shells out of the nest to make the babies more comfy.

Our other nest above the porch light, raised 4 healthy babies as well, and they flown away…….now to clean up that poopy mess;p

Figured I’d share the end result after pulling you in with the ‘nest building’!


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2 Responses to New Life

  1. Wow….How awesome is that? You are such a Good Mommy!:)

  2. Awesome photos of it! Yes, you are a good mommy!

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