Craft Show Craziness!

I’ve noticed since started to sell my items a couple years ago, that sometimes it’s the smallest little items that sell the best.  I love to make the big bags and purses, but these cute little wallets have been my best sellers lately.  They’ve also sold at the Farmer’s Market quite well. Here are a few that are newly added:

I Love Lucy

Garden Theme

Wild West

And last but not least……Dots!

This type of project is about all I’ve had time for lately, but’s it’s kinda fun being able to sit down and complete a project or two within 45 minutes or less:)

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5 Responses to Craft Show Craziness!

  1. Red Weaver says:

    We must be in sink or something Sarah… same down time, same brain damage… LOL the burn out kind and working on SMALL items.. hehe……… Your wallets are great btw, love all the fabrics… Keep up the good work… ♥

    • Nice to know I’m not alone 😉 I’ve got a couple of large, putsy bags cut out right now, but can only bring myself to do bits and pieces at a time. Oh well……..

  2. Those are lovely wallets Sarah! And you and Red needn’t feel bad…I haven’t been getting a lot done either!

  3. I love them ALL except I Love the I Love Lucy one….:) Wish I needed a new holder:(

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