Casserole & Canning Jar Gardening

I’m not much of a gardener, but my youngest son loves to dig in the dirt!  Well, he has been asking to start a veggie / herb garden.  So, today, I caved and got a couple herbs and 2 tomato plants.

The herbs are being grown in a 9 X 9 casserole dish, and 4 small canning jars. The containers of choice were simply for lack of anything better at the moment. Don’t even know if this will work, but I’m experimenting with it…….because I can;p

Any advice on ‘indoor’ gardening would be much appreciated…..haha!

Awhile back my son planted a watermelon plant…….good thing he stopped me, because I almost pulled it, thinking it was a weed.  (see, I really am not a gardener.  I do however, love munching on the produce!)

I have some raspberry plants that have really taken off……and had some raspberry babies:)  This is year # 2 for them and the birds got most of the berries last year.  I’m determined they won’t get them this year, so I put a bird net over them.

All this gardening stuff is kinda new but not really.  We always had a bountiful garden growing up.  We always ate right out of the garden.  Nothing like fresh sun drenched produce straight from the garden!  Hopefully, my meager little garden will survive:)

…..yes, I did plant my tomatoes a little late…..especially for living in Minnesota…….

On the craft side of things, I did find a site I can get good quality fabric relatively cheap.  Check out Yarsellr (yes, that is how it is spelled;)

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2 Responses to Casserole & Canning Jar Gardening

  1. DebBee says:

    Excellent on the gardening!! Careful not to over water those seeds once they sprout up – give them plenty of sunshine & mist with a water bottle making sure to keep moist, but not overly wet. Watermelon & raspberries…you are Set!

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