Break Time In Pictures!

I know you’ve been missing me;)  Here is a little taste of my week off!

Day1:  We left home and took a short little cruise across Lake Michigan via the Lake Michigan Carferry, the S.S. Bagder.

Day 2:  Spent some time with cousins at Star Lake.  It was blistering hot so the lake water was just like bath water!!!

Day 3:  The boys learned to play a new yard game………….getting croquet all set up:)

Day 4:  Did you really think I could pass up a stop to a new fabric shop???  This is ‘The New Ewe’ fabric and yarn shop in a cute little town of Newayo, MI.

Day 4:  4th of July!!!

Getting in on the pedal pull!

Taking a break from the 100 degree heat……..

Catching the parade,

Playing in trees.  One wasn’t too sure about being up there;p

And of course……fireworks!!!

Day 5:  Helping great Grandma pick potatoes

Day 6:  Just relaxing……and eating some fresh blueberries!!!

Day 7:  Going home:(  None of us were ready to go home….but we always enjoy catching our favorite boat back across the lake:)



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8 Responses to Break Time In Pictures!

  1. Looks like you had a Great time! even though you had to endure the blistering heat! It’s refreshing to see kids climbing in the trees. I didn’t know that was acceptable these days…Loved the pics! Glad you had a Great time and found a fabric shop..hehehe:)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. Laura says:

    Great pics….I always love to see Lake Michigan stuff… I love the New Ewe shop…lol you are as bad as me…on vacation I had to stop at a wool store too….

    • Funny how we can’t get away from our hobbies…..even on vacation:)

      • Laura says:

        No I am from Chicago, but we frequented Wisconsin and Michigan quite a bit on vacation……. now I live on Lake Ontario, on the Canadian side…… I always have such good memories of Lake Michigan around Chicago, Wisconsin and Michigan……

      • I hear ya! Our summers consisted of the lake and sand dunes, picking blueberries, cherries……ahhhhhh
        I LOVE the Chicago area too! Been there several times:) There’s always something to do!

    • Funny how we can’t get away from our hobbies…..even on vacation:)
      Can’t remember if I asked you this before…..are you from the Michigan area?

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