The Other Side Of The Stand

While on vacation in Michigan over the 4th, we stopped at the local craft fair.  I do have to say it is sooooo nice to be on the ‘other’ side.  Nice to be able to enjoy all the things the other vendors have made:)  I have always admired wooden bowls, cutting boards ect.  I ended up purchasing some of these beautiful coasters!  Not the best pic but they were being treated with mineral oil to condition them.  I love the scrappy look they have:)

When I used to shop at craft fairs, I would find something I liked and then browse around the other vendors to see if any carried the same item only in a lower price.  Not anymore!  I was shocked at how cheap some VERY nice items were priced.  One stand in particular actually left a nasty feeling in my stomach.  They had absolutely gorgeous things and they were priced in such a manner that the materials used to make them weren’t even being covered.  Maybe they intended it this way, maybe not.  After selling my own things for a few years, I’ve learned how to price my stuff.

While a lot of people will cringe when they see a certain price, but some don’t realize the cost of materials. For example:  One of my bags:

2 yards premium quilt shop fabric = $10.50/ yard== $21

zippers, snaps, misc. hardware, thread  =     $8-10 maybe more

interfacing (used for durability and strength)=      $3/ yard

******Approximate Grand Total for materials alone =  $35*****

This total does NOT include the labor it takes to make the bag, wear and tear on the machine and equipment used to make it, ect.   The example of this bag can be found here at my shop.  This bag took a good amount of time and product to make.  The fabric used to make the bag below took more than the above listed at $10.50/yard.  It is super sturdy and is made to last a long time.

Next time you go to a craft fair, I urge you to talk to the vendor about their product and find out what all went into making it.  Most items have a story or mean something special to the person that made it.

***If you are a crafter, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t sell yourself short!  There IS ALWAYS someone out there who will love your items as much as you do!***

Happy, Happy weekend!

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6 Responses to The Other Side Of The Stand

  1. Deb says:

    That is very true. People do not realize the cost you put into the items you make. It’s hard to get the price of the materials back out alone anything for your time and labor. Most of time the handmade items will out last the mass produced products you purchase up town.

  2. Thanks for this article Sarah, so true! One of the benefits of having a resale license is getting some materials at a lower price. I think many crafters don’t realize they can do this.

  3. Laura says:

    I agree 100% Sarah! I love going to craft shows and seeing what other people make. Being on both sides of it definitely gives you a different kind of appreciation for the vendors and the work put in for the products! Also- I love that bag!!! And I don’t think your price is outrageous by any means. You do amazing work and anyone who has purchased something from you knows that, and that it will last!

  4. Troy says:

    I agree with you completely!

  5. I totally agree the general public has no clue how much things cost. Plus, the fact …..all the time that goes into making a Handmade items.
    We’re not mass produced in China….We’re Hand-making the items better quality:)

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