Things I Never Thought I’d Do

Fun Friday post.

Things I never thought I’d do:

Get married  (11 years ago!)  So young and naive back then.  But…..I did get an excellent guy!

Have a kid…..much less 2!  Life would be so dull without my boys:)

Have a little shop selling my hobby🙂

Get up insanely early to just to:

have some quiet time

paint my nails

read a book w/o interruption

take a shower without the little fingers under the door

Start an herb garden in my casserole dishes!

Hang my laundry on the fence like a hillbilly!  (line dried smells sooooo good!)  You should try it:)

What are some things you never thought you’d never do?  There has to be something…..I know it!

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9 Responses to Things I Never Thought I’d Do

  1. Ha…loved it!
    I never thought I’d get married almost 10 years ago in St. Lucia on the beach.
    Never thought I’d be selling my Soaps at the Farmers market!
    I never thought I’d have my parrot.
    I never thought I’d be reading books like I do.
    I never thought I’d be doing the internet marketing thing…
    Hope you’re having a Great Friday!

  2. Never thought I’d sew, saw wood, or paint let alone sell it online and in a brick and mortar shop:)

  3. Laura says:

    Love your pics !!!
    Well I never thought I’d be living in Canada…or marry a Canadian
    Never thought I would even think of selling my crochet…I just liked to do it…
    Think of how many dreams we would have missed had we not followed them…just because we never thought it…

  4. Ryan says:

    I get up every morning at 4:50 just to go golfing. I didn’t think I would ever get up before 7 for anything.

  5. Live In Art says:

    I never thought I’d own a horse…and chickens…and rabbits…and a dog…
    I never thought I’d run 30 miles. At once.
    I never thought I’d stop drinking alcohol.
    I never thought I’d have a tall child (I’m only 5,2).
    I never thought I’d be a blogger.
    Oh, there are just so many things!

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