Who Knew?

Ever do something you didn’t intend on doing, and in the end it turned out better than if you did it the original way?  On accident, I cleaned the back of our stove with Pledge Revitalizing oil, instead of my usual cleaner.  Boy did it shine up nice!  Totally got rid of the grease and grime:)

I was sooooo happy!  It looks 110% better:)

Yesterday was certainly busy, long, but enjoyable!  Every summer My Mom and I check in  all the non-livestock 4-H Crafts/Fine Arts projects.  This year my kiddos entered some stuff and came away with and handful of ribbons…..they were pretty  proud!

I somehow managed to squeak in a new clutch for the shop🙂  You can find more details on it here.

Remember my post on casserole gardening?  Well, here is what they look like now:)  The clear glass offers the kids an excellent view of the root systems. I think I may have to thin them out a little! Awesome learning experience for the kids!

Not sure how often I will be able to post this week, as it is our 4-H clubs county fair week.  I hope to be able to post a picture or two occasionally………..

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3 Responses to Who Knew?

  1. Pam Talpers says:

    What a fun weekend you are having! And I love your new clutch!!

  2. I’m going to try that on my Stove. lol. Love the new clutch and the garden looks great!!!

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