New Clutches

My shop will be closed for 2 weeks starting next Friday, as my family and I are going on a family vacation!!  A treat JUST FOR YOU… can use coupon code TOPNOTCH for 20% off any purchase in my shop until I leave!  

I’ve listed 2 more clutches:

OOAK Button Clutch


OOAK Grey Clutch



Our trip will involve a lot of driving, so I hope to use up some of my yarn stash and get a blanket done……we’ll see:)  Here’s a sneak peek:


Believe it or not, I’ve never tried the ‘Granny Square’ stitch before (it took me a bit to figure it out……sheesh, I feel kinda stupid, cause it is really simple).  I love it!  It goes super fast.  I LOVE projects that go fast.  I don’t know about other crafters, but I have a small attention span and am a ‘balls to the wall’ sewer/crocheter.  I love the instant gratification of getting something done in a day.

What kind of crafter are you?  Do you like quick projects or ones that you can stretch out over a long period of time?

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5 Responses to New Clutches

  1. I’ve been crocheting since I was a kid and I just learned the Granny square a few years ago. I don’t like it though..I get bored doing the same thing over and over.
    I do like projects that are fast though…..:)

    • I taught myself to crochet a few years ago…..kinda hard being left handed. I couldn’t find any ‘left hander’ books so I had to follow the right handed version and try to do everything opposite…….Love it now, though that I have it all figured out:)
      Other than letting it cure, is soap making a long process?

      • I tried replying and I think something happened to my reply so if you have this twice I apologize.
        It’s not really a long process. It can take some time with waiting for the lye solution & oils to get to the right temperatures. After that pretty quick..Takes longer to clean up:(

      • Cool! I always love going to fairs and markets to smell all the different soaps!

  2. Love your new clutches! Hope you have a great vacation:)

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