Roasted Tomatoes Are Awesome!

Yesterday I mentioned a simple way to add flavor to your food.  I discovered roasted tomatoes are the way to go!  We were on vacation and when we arrived at a friends house, it smelled wonderful.  Last thing I expected to hear was that it was roasted tomatoes.  Added to different dishes, they add a wonderful flavor.  They are even good by themselves!  Here’s the simple recipe  ( I mean ridiculously simple):

What you need:

A bottle of PAM Olive Oil Spray

A bunch of grape tomatoes

Cookie sheet

What to Do:

Spray the cookie sheet with the olive oil spray.  Cut all of your grape tomatoes in half and spread them out across the pan.  Then spray again over the top of them with the olive oil. Don’t Cover!  Bake at 250 degrees for about 3 hours.



They will look a little withered when done, but trust me, the flavor is there!  Add them to your potatoes, casseroles, salads or even just eat them alone as snacks:) If you have more than you need, simply place the rest in a freezer baggie and freeze until you want more!

Not too painful huh?  Hope you enjoy!

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One Response to Roasted Tomatoes Are Awesome!

  1. Yummmm…I’ll have to try those!

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