What’s in a Coconut?

That’s what my kids asked………when they saw this coconut at the grocery store. So we brought one home to find out.



We put a hole in one of the three smooth ‘eyes’ at the top of the coconut.  (we ended up using a screw for lack of anything better at that time;)  We dumped out the water through the hole we made. (I must admit I was surprised when it came out clear instead of white……since you always hear about coconut milk )


Next we took it out to the porch and took a hammer to the shell to crack it open (this was the boys’ favorite part):



Next, we had to get the meat out.  This was the hardest part………..take a knife and just peel it away…..easier said than done……..if you can enlighten me on how to do this part easily, let me know!  (Not sure how to pick the ‘right’ coconut to harvest) Needless to say this is all we got out……..My patience ran out;)


I did grate this up and freeze it for future smoothies though:)  Maybe I’ll post the smoothie recipe if it turns out good.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!


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7 Responses to What’s in a Coconut?

  1. lol…I used to think the coconut milk was the liquid too…It’s actually the liquid that comes from the grated coconut. The coconut meat is grated then put it in cheesecloth and squeezed that’s the white coconut milk…:)

  2. My Dad did this same thing with me when I was little! He used a nail 🙂 Great memories. Fresh coconut is so much better than the one packaged in a bag. Yummy.

  3. Alisa says:

    my kids love coconuts , too!

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