T-Shirt Bag Tutorial—–In 20 Minutes Or Less!

We were at a fundraiser this weekend and by the time we got there, they were all out of the size t-shirts we needed (even though we had pre-registered some time ago).  I ended up with a 3XL……I’m normally a medium  (maybe that second scrambled egg went straight to my hips…….heck I don’t know!)  


We actually fit 3 out of the 4 of our family members in this shirt…..yes we actually tried this……just to see if we could do it;)


I wondered what in the heck am I going to do with this GINORMOUS  tshirt?  I was hunting on the web and saw this awesome idea…….t-shirt bags!!!  Perfrect…..here’s how:

What you need:

Any old/new t-shirt

dinner plate

fabric pencil

sewing machine or serger


First lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface and smooth out the wrinkles.  Then you are going to cut the sleeves off.  If you want stronger handles, be sure to leave the sleeve seam attached to the body of the t-shirt:


Next, using that dinner plate, you are going to place it over the neck opening and trace around it.  This will give you a bigger bag opening:

Now, cut through both layers on the line that you drew.


Next, you are going to sew the bottom edges of the t-shirt together. Flip your t-shirt inside out and, just sew straight across the bottom edge.  I used my serger for a quick and easy finish.  If desired, you can cut off as much of the bottom of the t-shirt as you want to make it smaller……as I did in this case.


I did use my regular sewing machine to put one extra seam in the bottom, just because this shirt was so big.


Next steps are completely optional.  I’m not a fan of raw or unfinished edges, so I serged around both sleeve openings and the neck opening.



You can also use your regular machine to finish any of these seams.  You can simply fold the edges over and sew your seam or use the ‘rolled hem’ method.

And your done!  YAY!


Sorry some of the pics are dark…..it was really late when I did this!

My personal favorite part of this is you can just toss in the washer and dryer!  Easy and low maintenance:)  You can also get creative with this and embellish your shirt in so many ways!

I would love to see pictures if you make and t-shirt bags!!!  Just send pics to my email: sarahsfabcreations@gmail.com and I will put them in a future post!


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6 Responses to T-Shirt Bag Tutorial—–In 20 Minutes Or Less!

  1. LoL…..That’s too funny w/ the sizes and weird too…… Good thing you’re handy at sewing! the bag looks Great!:) Have Great week….

  2. divinemslulu says:

    Ooh, I’m going to have to try this! Thanks Sarah!

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