All Sewers NEED To Read This! (Or Any Other Lady With A Hobby)

I have been handed this by a couple of different people and had to share:)  Times have definitely changed haven’t they!

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7 Responses to All Sewers NEED To Read This! (Or Any Other Lady With A Hobby)

  1. Wow. I was born 5 years after this was written and my Mom (now deceased) was a huge sewer. She would have loved reading this and I know she’d have laughed. She DID do these things, as it is above, even going so far as to clean in a dress, heels and pearls for a good long while. When she finally realized she could wear sweatshirts and blue jeans during the day, whenever she wanted WITHOUT makeup (except lipstick, of course), she never looked back!! Yay, Mom! 🙂

    • fabriccreations says:

      Thanks for sharing! I love hearing everyone’s stories:) Being from a newer generation, I can’t imagine wearing heels and makeup to clean house. Kudos to the women of yesterday!! They are stronger than I:)

  2. I only wish I could sew…But this is really funny, even for the non-sewer!

  3. Troy Stengel says:

    Hahaha!! Love it! This reminds me of something I have referring to How to Be a Good Wife from the ’50s…

  4. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent the day sewing in my bathrobe!

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