Scrappy Cleaning!

Most of us crafters have buckets of ‘leftovers’……….well, at least I do anyways.  Trying to clean out my reserve, I grabbed a bunch of fabric scraps and went to town on them.  The result was a bunch of:

New keychains, credit card holders, slippers, hats, ect.  Too many to show pictures of all of them……so head on over to my shop to check out all the new things:)  Lots of great stocking stuffers!



Also got lucky the other day and was able to snag some fabric and a new bag pattern for a little of nothing:)  Love it when then happens!!


Pretty darn productive day… far:)

**Wishing safety for all the people being affected by hurricane Sandy.  Stay safe!!**

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2 Responses to Scrappy Cleaning!

  1. I’m headed to your shop right now, because I see something I need to fave right away!!!

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