This Wasn’t Supposed To Be For Me, But…….

This bag turned out so dang cute, I may just keep it for myself;)   I upcycled a belt for the strap.  It was originally too long, so I folded it over on itself to create a self-padded strap, right where it hits on the shoulder/neck.  That feature will come in common since my purse is usually the family garbage can / carry-all;) I got the awesome fabric from a fellow Etsy buddy.  Check out her fabric and supply shop here.  Excellent customer service and speedy delivery! Have you ever upcycled anything and made something awesome?  Please share!



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6 Responses to This Wasn’t Supposed To Be For Me, But…….

  1. The only thing I’ve ever up-cycled were some dead roses…That I put in a vase.LoL:)

  2. The bag turned out awesome…love it!

  3. sariblue says:

    Love the recycling ideas and the bag is super cute!

  4. Sharon says:

    Sometimes you need to reward yourself with one of your own products! Cute bag!

  5. frannie says:

    I love the bag. I can see why you kept it. It’s darling.
    I love recycling vintage fabric into keepsake lavender sachets. The last one I made was from an antique dining room chair. A brocade fabric.

    from Blogging Buddies.
    Have a wonderful afternoon,

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