Had Such High Hopes For This……

Ever have one of those projects that looks really cool when someone else does it? Attempt it yourself, and it turns out like a big pile of poo!  Here’s mine:

IMG_0001It WAS supposed to look perfect…..like on the cover.  First off I didn’t read the directions ALL the way through, so I ended up having to do it the ‘hard’ and soooo verrryyyy slooooooow way.  Needless to say, hardly any of the blocks turned out the same size, and of course, they didn’t line up correctly when sewing the rows together.  Ick!

Since I’m doing some things out of my comfort zone, I decided to try my hand at a pair of pants……..(insert your hysterical laughter here)  Hehe!


I’ll be sure to show a pic of the finished product……if it doesn’t make me look like I have a ‘bubble butt’:)  These also look awesome in my head, so we will see……….Ha!  Have a great week!!!

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9 Responses to Had Such High Hopes For This……

  1. Oh Sarah, a true sewing sister indeed! Nothing like ‘skimming’ the directions cause, “I’ll figure it out as I go of course” attitude. Bahahahah. Jokes on us a lot of the times! Can’t wait to see your pants. (insert little snicker)

  2. Barbra says:

    I’m in awe of anyone who sews so you have my admiration!And I love hearts in any form.

  3. I know nothing about sewing I think it looks fantastic! especially that you didn’t read the directions:)

  4. Red Weaver says:

    🙂 I think you did great for your first time…. The second time will be even easier… you are gonna’ try again right? …. Have fun with the pants… you brave girl!

  5. antarabesque says:

    They are sooooo cute! I love it.

  6. quiltnmama says:

    You’re supposed to read the directions? What’s the fun in that?!

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