Following The Pattern Is BORING!

Finished the little purse from my last post, and I think it turned out darn cute…..if I do say so myself;) It’s my version of the ‘Sonoma Swing Bag’ by Pink Sand Beach Designs.  I think following a pattern to a ‘T’ is boring and with a few simple changes and your imagination, you can make a pattern look totally different. I did my own thing for the bag body design.  This is a great, easy to read pattern with lots of pictures to take you through the process:)




You’ll have to pardon the ‘Run DMC’ t-shirt.  I really need to find a classier outfit for Matilda;)IMG_0022


Also running a spring cleaning sale in my shop!!!  Be sure to check it out.  Just use coupon ‘HEATITUP’ at checkout to get 40% of a $20 or more purchase.

Next time you are making something from a pattern, I challenge you to make it your own!  Work outside the box, change it up, and use your imagination!  Chances are, you’ll LOVE the outcome:)

I think you’ve all had enough blog ‘spamulation’ for one week!  Hope to get another post up next week:)  Have a great week everyone!

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2 Responses to Following The Pattern Is BORING!

  1. You definitely brought back some memories w/ Run DMC….LoL 🙂

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