Bust That Stash!



Quick little post, while it’s storming out:)  I’m working on my scrap bucket trying to make room, so I can go shopping for some new fabric….imagine that;)  Bucket is half empty already!

Got this idea from the quilt shop, Pine Needles, I work at part time.

These scrappy coasters are a great way to get rid of excess scraps.  All you need are 1.5 inch strips of fabric and reinforced cotton clothesline.  Simply wrap your strips around the clothesline and start winding it in a circular  manner.  I set my zigzag stitch to a width of 5mm.  Keep stitching, catching both sides of the clothesline.  Keep going around until you reach your desired circumference.  I make mine 4.5 inches wide.  Hope you try it and enjoy it:)

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