I am a mom of 2 wonderful kiddos.  I also have a wonderful husband of almost 10 years!  We live in a small little town in Minnesota and get the best of all four seasons………sometimes.  We love to travel together and do things outside.  My husband and I love to read, so we tend to hang out in bookstores and libraries.  Always looking for a good read!

I have a huge love for sewing!  It’s something my mom taught me as a kid.  I never really kept up with it as a teenager, just simply because it wasn’t the ‘in’ thing to do at the time.  Anyway, long story short, after my kids got out of the baby stage, I had a little more time on my hands.

I’m one of those people who always has to keep my hands busy, so I picked my sewing stuff back up.  A new hobby was born:)  I started out making bags and other small items that required only the basic sewing skills.  Well, people started seeing some the things I have made and have bought them.  I have ended up making enough money from my little hobby, that it pays for most of my supplies!  I recently started trying to make clothes…..and so far, so good.

Another hobby I recently picked up is crocheting.  It’s something I can’t do when my sewing machine isn’t near by:)  You may also see some of those little projects here and there.

I love doing little craft shows and farmer’s markets.  It’s a great way to meet people and get your name out there.

You will see lots of posts about my hobby and the things we do as a family:)  I hope you enjoy reading about my hobby and life!



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